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Geocaching.com site update Dec 21st 2010


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I've just noticed that the OpenStreet & OpenCycle maps have now disappeared from the Beta maps feature. Is this a permanent situation or will those maps be coming back? For me those were the most useful aspect of the Beta maps.

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I just noticed that a cache that appears on the "old" map doesn't appear on the beta one. The cache in question is GC2E0ZR - Not the Knot. Is this because it is a PMO cache? Thanks.


Must be. I own two PMO caches and I don't see either of them.

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Just noticed that if you check "Encrypt this log entry*" when posting a cache log, it removes the line feed formatting for the entire log (all text ends up on one long line).

Is this a Bug, or supposed to happen ?

Can really spoil the look of a log and make it harder to make sense of.

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