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Hi there. I haven't been geocaching too long (8 attempts/7 finds so far), and I haven't paid much attention to the "travel bug" until now. I read the FAQ and posts on this board, and I'm just trying to understand a little better what makes a good travel bug. I'd like to hide my own cache eventually, once I find a few more.


As for the travel bug: Can you attach whatever you'd like? For example - What if I would like to make a "poetry bug" and attach a small notebook to the bug, asking everyone to jot down a poem (limerick, haiku, whatever) and once full, return back to the beginning place? Is this something that would work? Of course it would have to be small enough to fit in most caches, and instructions. But besides that, are there any other things I should know?


Thanks in advance for your help! icon_smile.gif

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