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Ok to log a TB in multiple caches?

Jamie Z
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So far, I've picked up two different travel bugs.


The first, Old Bet, was headed west toward New Mexico. Well, where I picked her up at, I couldn't go west until I crossed the Mississippi. Meanwhile, I visited a couple of other caches, so I logged those caches on Old Bet's page and immediately retrieved her. Later, I brought Old Bet to a cache west of here.


The other bug, Sparky, doesn't have a specific goal, but after I picked him up, I visited two more caches. I logged those two caches on Sparky's page and now in a few days I'll be bringing Sparky to the cache further away.


Is it alright to log that a TB visited a cache, but didn't stay?


In the first case, with Old Bet, Ttepee (the owner) said it was fine. I haven't spoken with the owner of Sparky.


I got the idea from World Traveler's February 13 log.


Good idea amongst you TB owners?



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I think it would be up to the Bug owner. Communicate what you're doing and see if the owner has any problems.


For me, I don't have any problems with this. Geoffrey did this a while back, looking for an appropriate spot. I thought it was pretty cool.


Two other side benefits:


That way a bug could also be seen as visiting vitual caches


The bug could also actually see the country while waiting for placement. Sounds kinda nifty. I'd rather have the bug doing that than either sitting in someone's backpack not seeing the world.



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