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Motorbike navigation

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Ok i currently have a tomtom 950 which has a large screen and i use it in the car, :blink: so far so good, great piece of kit :)


TomTom in thier marketing genius way have made all large screen tomtom's incompatible with the scala helmet headset :(

By doing this they are hoping that "Geeks" like me may buy another tomtom specificaly for the motorbike from their motorcyle "Rider" series................funily enough, which are compatible with the headsets!


However, they are a lot smaller, and i am concerned at having to take more than one glance at the screen whilst speeding along on two wheels.(although to be fair i would have the voice confirmation)




What navigational systems do other motorcyclists use?

And can you get a similar export for geocaches as you can with tomtom via gsak?

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What navigational systems do other motorcyclists use?

And can you get a similar export for geocaches as you can with tomtom via gsak?

I use my Oregon 550t, with different profiles for motor bike, caching, boating, etc. It's far less sophisticated as a SatNav than is a TomTom, but I find it entirely adequate. It just beeps when there is a junction coming up and I have to glance at the screen to see which way to go, but it doesn't cause me a problem.


Obviously GSAK not a problem for an Oregon :-)


Rgds, Andy

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Just got a Tomtom Rider Pro Europe for my birthday. The screen does look small on first sight, but in the 2 weeks I've been using it - I love it. The screen size hasn't been an issue at all. It has advanced lane instructions that make things really clear. The Scala headset also works a treat. It's so weird being able to speak on the phone when you're riding along! You can use the thing with gloves on as well.


I did use my Oregon on the motorbike and have a Ram mount for it. Obviously it doesn't have the voice commands, but it's still quite straight forwards to follow a route. I have to take my gloves off to operate it though which is a pain.


Prior to getting the Oregon, I used my 60CSx on the motorbike a few times with my cycle mount. This was easier to operate than the Oregon as the raised buttons helped. The screen was hard to see though and you did have to take the dreaded second glance. It was just too dangerous, so I took it off in the end.


I would go for the Tomtom Rider. A friend at work has one of the bike specific Garmins and swears by it, but I'm more used to the Tomtom system where Satnavs are concerned (we've had a Tomtom One for years).


Come the summer, I'm going to put the top and side boxes on the motorbike - along with the TomTom, Oregon and 60Csx on their various mounts. Then I'm going to pretend I'm Charlie Boorman and drive round Epping Forest asking people if I'm heading the right way for Dakar. Yep, I know I'm a t*&t, but simply things and all that.........

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I use my 60Csx, its powered from the bike supply which means the screen is lit all the time, which makes it easier to see.


Only really look at it (or any satnav) for the last mile, remembering main routes isn't a problem - its the fiddly last bit that can be.


Its marginally better than the old "tape a sheet of paper to the tank" method I used to use, but I couldn't justify spending the ridiculous amount of money they charge for a bike GPS when I've got a perfectly servicable, waterproof GPS to hand and don't often go anywhere that I can't find using my memory and signs.....



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My mate uses a Garmin Zumo on his Honda F6C. It connects via Bluetooth to his crash helmet headset and also to his mobile phone. That means as well as getting turn by turn instructions to the headset he can also access his phone directory, receive calls and 'dial out' via the Zumo. Unfortunately (or not) he's not a geocacher so he has never connected it to a PC to load in waypoints, but I don't suppose it's particularly difficult to do so,

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I use a zumo 660 on the bike. You can upload waypoints and caches using GSAK and the garmin POI loader.


It does work well as you get the logs, hints and description on to the zumo. You can also get photos but I have not tried that.


I never use the 'voice' when using the zumo for directions. I just look at the screen. I have never found it a problem.


I will state only look at the screen at appropriate times or an accident could occur.

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