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Oregon 450 mapsfrom gps file depot


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Hello I just purchased an Oregon 450 and I have been trying to put maps on it from GPS filedepot. I can put the maps on the gps but even when I select highest detail the maps have no small streets or contour lines on the gps. The fine details are in mapsource and basecamp but when I put the maps onto the gps they disappear.


thanks for any help

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With the detail level set to normal, most mapsets will display the full range of features when the GPSr display is zoomed in to the 500-800' level.


Unlike MS/BC the GPSr will not center on an enabled mapset(s); you need to pan to the area you uploaded if you are not actually in that area.


Some info on which mapset(s) would be helpful to someone responding - also consider asking on the gpsfiledepot forums.

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If you transfer maps with mapsource or basecamp they will be named gmapsupp.img, every time you transfer a new map the old get overwritten.

That's why I said to rename the map in the Or 450, because this gps can handle custom names.


Connect the gps to the computer, wait until it sees it.

With windows explorer goto the garmin folder.

There you find the gmapsupp.img file

right click and select rename, give the new name and close.


Eg Pa-Topo.img or Pa-streets.img Pa-custom.img


Be sure to select the right file and do not edit other files then the gmapsupp.img or you own rename files.

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