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Anyone know of a good Magellan Explorist review?

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Does anyone own any of the new Explorist 510/610/710 series? Know of a good feature by feature review? If it had been a new Garmin that came out in the last 3 months here would be endless reviews. Just curious.


Garmin, Garmin, Garmin...Whatever...The eX710 rocks! You can check out exploristforum.com for user commentary. I've encountered a few glitches with power and backlight settings not holding, and there seems to be an issue with the track quality as compared with the Triton series, but it's being investigated. This unit is my first experience with street routing, and I'm impressed with it; it will route for pedestrians as well as drivers according to the setting. In my opinion, Magellan has a lot to be proud of with this line!

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I have a 510 and really like it. Takes great pictures and video. Downloads are fast with the USB hookup to my laptop. The only thing I wish it had was a device to show I am on top of my cache like my Blackberry does using Geocache Navigator. Blackberry is next to impossible for me to read even with my glasses, but the 510 did a great job. It has a good compass, not sure I would have been happy paying for the electronic compass on the other models, only real difference. The 510 has lots of great features, heck wish I had one of these back in the 80's when I was in the Army trying to navigate the deep woods.

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