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TB Extermanators, what should we do to stop them?


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Did you see the cache for the Gainesville TB Safe House? I laughed when I first saw it, but now I see you all really need it up there!


Email the Federation for the coords. I don't have time to look for the cache # right now - daughter is begging for the computer now - sorry! But if you're in Gainsville, no doubt you'll see it in or near your zip code.

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I created a Travel Bug Police Department, consisting of four officers. Here's #1.


As you'll see, he's in Florida now - maybe he can stop by the safe house.


Ironically, one of the four TBPD officers quickly went missing, in the hands of someone who hasn't responded to my email. So, I made him into a



Maybe that'll scare some bugnappers straight, eh?



"Thos' Degrees of Longitude and Latitude in Name, yet in Earthly reality are they Channels mark'd for the transport of some unseen Influence, one carefully assembl'd chain…"

– Thomas Pynchon, Mason & Dixon

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I guess any TB passing thru where there are these exterminators lurking is a bad idea...but with the safe houses and the law on our side (LOVE that motto of the Altheometrists police bugs: "THE ONLY LAW RIGHT OF THE DECIMAL POINT!" Hysterical!).


If you know there's an exterminator in your area - be careful w/your bugs. And RESCUE those that have been placed nearby and might be in mortal danger!!!! Somebody help out Barbrady Unit 1...I'm worried about him! He needs BACKUP!!!


The way I see it, any bug that makes it to his goal is a lucky bug....I personally held on to my first (and so far only bug) for a little longer than I had intended because the caches that I visited were not exactly in great shape. I waited till I found a nice, dry well hidden one before leaving the bug. Just seemed like the right thing to do...

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I'm working on a TB Depot that will be inside abuilding where it can be watched. It won't stop a TB Exterminator from going in a taking them but it does make accidentlal finders less likely.


The only real soltuion I can think of is having all caches be members only or having all caches only visable to actual members of some type. That opens up a different can of worms as pointed out in a thread on that topic that I started.


Geocaching is an open sport. Geocahers want to keep it that way. One risk though is having caches plundered and TB's disapear.

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It's too bad that this has to happen to travel bugs, all because of some simple mind. I have to assume he has one of mine, which disappeared in July near Gainesville. If you all would keep and eye out for "Maryland, My Maryland", I would appreciate it -- there's always hope that this moron will get tired of his perversion and let them go. If there is some idea who the perpetrator is, has GC.Com been notified?


"All of us are standing in the mud, but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde

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If someone is the kind of person to take a Travel Bug, why wouldn't they just unscrew the camera and take it?


Originally posted by lucien:

Actually, here's a much more feasible alternative..




Set one of these up nearby a cache with a newly planted bug, see who shows up, and when.. Even better, threaten to do so at _every_ cache, even if it's only actually done at a few...

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If someone is the kind of person to take a Travel Bug, why wouldn't they just unscrew the camera and take it?


Good point. I think that people who take Travle Bugs would try to make it the least bit obvious that they took it. A good idea is for those who just think that the TB is a toy, we could atach a note saying if they're not a Geocacher, leave the TB alone. That might help atleast a little

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