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my first hide


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so i just started this and i have some questions. i have an idea for a hide but idk if it would be good. the idea is use the atlas f 550-6 schilling silo for my hide, its totally abandoned with evidence that people have been in there. im tired of the easy caches and im sure there are ppl that share this bordom. this one is goin to require super stealth like 3x(ninja) and i want to have a cipher that is pretty hard. someone would have to take some time on this one. and the cache would be worth it... maybe like 20 bucks, who knows! so fellow geocachers tell me what you think

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I highly recommend that you put off hiding a cache until you have more than ZERO finds.


In addition, if the silo has evidence that people have been there, it might have a high chance of being muggled. It is a popular hangout for the kids?

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there is graffiti on the walls and beer cans but believe me there are tons of places that no one would find unless they are looking for it. and yea i probobly should hide after some finds but im looking for an adventure not a stroll in the park

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