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Blog article on NP cache placements by Hydnsek

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:P Thanks for the shout-out, Erik, and the kind words, Greg and Bob.


I was surprised when I got the email from Groundspeak asking to do the blog. But I'm glad that WSGA's work is getting some wider recognition, and if it gives cachers in other areas ideas on working with their parks, all the better.

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Advocacy at it's best!! You rock Abby. I never thought I'd see anyone get cache permission at NCNP. When anyone asks - what does WSGA do for me? Something concrete we can put a finger on. I've seen more progress in the past year with WSGA than I've seen in a looooonnnng time. Kudos.

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Great news indeed.. is the NCNPSC open to additional caches? or is this a trial of some sort?

It's somewhere in between. They are open to additional caches placed by others, but they first want to see how the two initial placements fare - how often they are visited, whether there's any impact. Baby steps! Since North Cascades is now snowed in for the winter, they won't get a real feel for this until next summer, nor could anyone place any caches up there till then without snowshoes or skis (and an avalanche beacon).


Once they have a comfort level with the initial caches, we can take the next step. (Remember, it took three years to reach this point, starting with earthcaches and building the trust.) We've already agreed to use the same process for future caches that's in place for Discovery Park. All requests will go through me, their caching liaison, and they will only allow caches in "hardened" areas. E.g., note the two existing caches are in a parking lot and under a bench on a paved trail.


I'm happy to discuss this with interested cachers when the time comes. My plan is to post the opportunity and process next summer, once I get the nod from park personnel.

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