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Puzzle caches and the Dakota 20

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I received a Dakota 20 GPS last week. I have read the instruction, watched the videos and found over 100 traditional caches with it. However, there are a few puzzle (unknown) caches I would like to do. I have the solved co-ords which are obviously different to the published co-ords. How do I put the new solved co-ords in and then use the compass to get the the cache?

I know this is something basic, I have tried using way points but everytime I try and use the compass feature, it defualts to the nearest traditional cache. Either that or I just use the maps and follow the line, but I like the compass feature!

Many thanks!

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No probs. I've got the Dakota 20 too. So, goto "mark waypoint", save and edit (pop in your new puzzle coordinates, when done "x" out of the menu. Then click the "where to" button, select "waypoints", find your updated puzzle coordinate waypoint you just entered, click "go" then "x" out of that menu, click "compass" button and simply make sure you have the compass info field selected for distance to destination. efc8b716-56c4-40cb-94b9-ac7c99d8b956.jpg


EDIT: I think you have the incorrect compass dashboard selected. You've got the "geocaching-nearest" selected. So, on your compass page, just click the button on the lower right and from that next menu, large data field (or small data fields) and you will have the screen shot I attached above.

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Does the Dakota have the "Enter Next Stage" option like the Oregon?


I knew this, yet I still didn't use that feature when I asked this question on another thread. (Geojibby answered it there as well, but we both concentrated on the waymark method.) This would be called a d'oh! moment for me. To the original poster, thanks for asking! Now we're both happy. :)

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