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Steelers cointest


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My family members are die hard Steelers fans.


I don't hold cointests but thought what the heck. I have a breast cancer angel for the winner of the cointest.


The winner has to guess the correct final score of the Steelers/Ravens game and the correct team. Meaning that if the final score is Steelers 50 and Ravens 3, the winner would have a score of 53 and picked the Steelers. You have to guess the correct score and the correct winner. You can only have one cointest entry and it must be different from others. The winner will be the person closest to the score and who has picked the correct winning team.


You only have until 8:15 pm Eastern to post your scores and teams as that is the time for the game.

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Please forgive me.. I just do not know much (I know almost nothing) about american football! So... do not be hard on me if... I choose as a winner.... The Ravens and the total points to be..... 42.


I know that it is not nice to see someone in the first post to guess that your team will lose! I am sorry...


As I said.. I do not know about the sport, and today was not my day for sure...so I probably picked the wrong team (did I saved it now? :laughing: )

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I like the Steelers defense better (even though they are against me in one of my fantasy leagues) I also don't think it will be high scoring because both defenses are good. The Steelers though will be out for blood and revenge their loss the last time.


Pittsburgh to win

Score Steelers 17

Ravens 10


Total points 27

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