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I have a good old Garmin MAP60CSx and I always kept a lanyard attached to the little hoop beside the antenna so if it ever came out of my belt clip I would still be attached to me. The other day it slipped from my hand and when it snapped down on the clip, the clip tore thru the small rubber section of the GPSr. Now it has a break in the rubber and I can't see any easy way to fix this. Have my connection in the metal battery clip on the back but this doesn't sit good in a belt clip.


Anyone have a way to REPAIR the hanger clip on the GPSr? All help greatly appreciated.

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That's what I was going to say.

I wasn't using the string style lanyard, I was using a wide lanyard with a spring loaded clip. Never trusted the string too much. Guess I have to now.... thanks.


You can trust it. I use it the same way you did, as an extra safety measure in case it came out of the belt clip.


It has come off on a number of occasions and was saved by the string lanyard, including one time when I was sliding on my butt down a rock covered hillside only to find out I was dragging the unit behind me on the lanyard.

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The only "skinned" mark on a 76CSx that I have came from a similar "descent" when my "4WD" " (both hands and both feet) momentarily failed.


Other than that time, the cord lanyard has been the perfect "insurance" policy.



I too had the little rubber loop break, so I got a piece of round 1/8 inch elastic cord (Bungee-like) and went directly around the antenna stub. Then stretch the cord some, tie a square knot, and fasten end with a small zip-tie. Made it up into a 10 inch lanyard with a 3 inch loop at other end to pass the whole unit thru, securing to a pack strap. This style lanyard works best, because if unit comes undone and it falls, the lanyard is stretchy, and "catches the unit" in a soft drop. I have photo, but don't know how to attach.

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