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You have a few choices but the first thing you will need to do for any of them is run the 'My Finds' PQ in the Pocket Query section.


You can then either upload the data to a website such as My Geocaching Profile or if you have GSAK then you can run the data through a macro.


Let us know if you do use GSAK and we can give you more details, but if you don't, My Geocaching Profile is a good place to start :laughing:

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Thanks for the ideas but I really am Non computer literate.

I tried Delta68's crib sheet and got stuck at "Now load you My Finds Pocket Query into the database"

Any more hints?

Thaks in advance




Download the myfinds PQ from GC.com to your PC. Then in GSAK create a new database called something like Myfinds, then click on the open file icon navigate to where you save the PQ and it will upload it.

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I cannot find "myfinds PQ from GC.com " so I am stuck.

Thanks for the idea's anyway

But I'll just stick to finding the caches

Go to: http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/default.aspx


Scroll down to "Add to Queue' and click.


Wait 'a short while'* and the MyFinds PQ will appear in the second tab marked "Pocket Queries Ready for Download" on the page http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/default.aspx


*Usually 2 to 10 minutes

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