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Was ist ein Earthcache, was nicht?

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Was ist ein Earthcache, was nicht? Erklärung der deutschen Reviewer im GC-Forum http://bit.ly/i8Gxzb oder Geoclub http://bit.ly/etYlDb


Sorry, only in German, so there is only a link.

Vielen Dank für die Beratung.


In English:

Unfortunately, it is becoming more common lately that we have to reject Earth caches. This is the one annoying for the owner because he has invested time and effort in creating the Earth caches and not infrequently is understandably disappointed, if he then with his cache encounters rejection. For this reason, I would like to once again illustrate the conditions are for a place as Earth cache condition. In essence, this can be reduced to three key questions.


1. What geological background, the place?


Not infrequently, not on the geology of a place but rather the general nature (such as plants and animals) in the foreground. A habitat, a nature conservation area, a lake, etc. are not necessarily an earth cache. It may be, this is an interesting landscape, but rather, the Owner must ask what there is to see geologically interesting.


2. How unique is the geological phenomenon?


Goal of Earth cache is to show a geological feature. In this case it is required that the Earth is unique cache. This means that in the vicinity of the Earth caches, but no previous Earth cache is exactly the same phenomenon. Sorry, this item is being overlooked. Please check if your cache is unique Earth truly is. If it is similar to another Earth cache, you should you consider how far the location is different in your content and define you. This is to be avoided, that every boulder, every dune, any disruption, etc. available as Earth cache.


A general list of places / issues against the background of point 1 and 2 below your finds problematic (ask noted that the final assessment depends on the individual case and that the geological setting and its mediation to arrive):


- Archaeology

- Atmospheric Observations

- Brooks (see Rivers)

- Biology

- Botany

- Well (except Artesian wells)

- Boulders

- Rivers, estuaries

- Buildings

- Geodesy (ortsunabhänig)

- Ecology

- Sources

- Oceanographic observations

- Physics

- Waterfalls

- Watershed

- Zoology


3. What can the geocachers to learn about the geology of the location?


Critical in ensuring a cache Earth is that of the visitors on site (ie not later eg by means of an internet search) to learn something about the geology. Please have this in mind when you look around your site and consider a corresponding Log conditions.


These 3 key questions you should answer for yourself in advance before you start work on the EarthCache you. Then, as the publication also provides nothing in the way ....

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