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Multi Stage caches

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If it is a physical stage (listed as "Stages of a Multicache"), then the saturation guidelines apply. If it is a virtual stage (listed as "Question to Answer", or possibly "Reference Point"), then the saturation guidelines do not apply.


Also, the saturation guidelines do not apply between stages of a single multicache. I've found multicaches where I could touch one stage with one hand while touching the other stage with the other hand.

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The caches that I've seen that have had Reference Points have been puzzles. You needed the coordinates of the Reference Points to solve the puzzle, but there was no reason to go to the location. In contrast, you need to go to a Question to Answer waypoint to get information, and you need to go to a Stages of a Multicache waypoint to find a physical game piece (a container, a tag with coordinates on it, or something else placed by the cache owner).

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reference points can also be other points of interest that don't fit into any other category, for example locations that aren't really relevant to the cache (like nearby locations with a scenic view), or general waypoints to help you find a good way to your destination (hike via...). i've also used them to list hidden waypoints of a night cache, because the stages aren't really at those coordinates, but rather can only be seen from there.

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