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Tsun Garage Sale!


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I have some free time over the next couple of weeks so I guess I better get this done while things are at a lull.


For those of you who follow me on Facebook, I've mentioned that I've had alot on my plate and the coin designing/minting has been put on hold. I'm still on break from that while I get things in order around the Tsun Ranch.


I won't go into details about everything that's taken place but I'll talk about 2 of them which pertain this thread and the selling of coins.


#1 :laughing: which is something for me to smile about; a Garage and a Studio/Office. I'm in the process of building a garage which will have a upstairs design studio/office. I'm very excited about this and I've had to wait 8 long years. Winters have been a real pain for me. The design studio/office will eventually be something that I will make available to the geocoin public as needed. I'll eventually have geocoin displays along with other artwork (paintings/crafts) that I do. I'll actually have a physical shop :laughing: I do hold a full-time job so it will currently be "by appointment only". If you're in Montana and you swing by Helena, I'll be happy to have you up to the "Tsun Ranch" and we can literally "talk shop" :cool: Anyhow, I hope to have the interior of the garage/studio wrapped up by summer. I'll be sure to take pictures and post them to FB as things progress.


#2) Dakota my border collie and the Lewis and Clark Humane Society (Cowboy's Bucket List). For those of you who have been around for a couple years probably remember when my Aussie; Cowboy passed away and I started the "Bucket List" which is also posted to my blog. When I came home from GCF MN, I had to put my Dakota down pretty much the next day, she held on until I came home. My dogs are my children and that was gut wrenching for me. Like Cowboy, I was with her in the back of the pickup when she closed her eyes and went over the Rainbow Bridge. I held her head in my hands and kissed the top of her head and told her I'd see her down the road. Dakota was my first dog as an adult and boy did we pal around together. She and I backpacked and flyfished around the Pacific Northwest, I mean weeks at a time. Other than work, she went everywhere with me. She saw me through happy times and heartbreaks. There's something special about a border collie, they are kind of a one person dog, very faithful to their owners. She was my shadow and I miss her terribly. I still have my sad days but I'm getting to the point where I know she's with Cowboy and they're watching over me. I've got Tristin and Sundance to help ease the pain :rolleyes: Anyhow, I don't advertise this point much but sales of coins on my web store and ebay have resulted in many adoption fees and goodies to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society. It's just something close to my heart and I'll continue on with my "Bucket List" project for the rest of my years on this planet.


Now to wrap all this up into one neat package. I have a bazillion coins lying around this house. I think I could be a closet coin hoarder. I've been working on clearing out all my stuff at home so when the garage is done, I can effortlessly move all my coin/artistic items to the studio. I don't want to haul boxes of coins to the studio, so I'm going to be putting together "goodie bags" and I'll probably run a few ebay auctions along the way too. I need to clear out all these extras. Funds raised will be used for 2 things; #1, purchasing studio and garage items and #2 adoption fees for animals at the L&C Humane Society. It's as simple as that.


So here's the meat of the matter. As I clean, I'll post here as "goodie bags" become available or if I run an auction for the L&C Humane Society.



*Each package will have a minimum of 1 Tsunrisebey designed geocoin.

*You could end up with a package of all Cache Hoppers :) I got lots of those things that I just never put up in the store.

****All package prices sold to the US and Canada include shipping. If you're overseas (International), you'll need to add $2.00 additional for shipping for the 7 Geocoin Goodie Bags and less, the larger packages please request a quote.

*No requests for specific coins, all "goodie bags" are sold "blind", you get what you get.

*I'll probably throw and extra trackable in your package for good measure :laughing:

*If you're interested in buying a "goodie bag" you can post your intent here in this thread, on my FB page or send me an email. I can not guarantee you one and it's first come, first served. No whining/complaining.


***Post questions here or email me, I'll check in as much as I can. These will be great Christmas packages if you love coins***


Prices are as follows:


Please remember prices include shipping. For International customers add $2.00 to the 3 and 7 Geocoin packages and request a shipping quote for the 13 and 25 packages.


*** 3 Geocoin Goodie Pack $25.00

*** 7 Geocoin Goodie Bag $50.00

*** 13 Geocoin Goodie Bag $100.00

*** 25 Geocoin Goodie Bag $200.00 (I'll put together this one by request only, 1 per person, this would ship priority w/i the US/Canada)


Thank you in advance. I will do my best to update as soon as packages are sold or available.


*****US customers can pay via money order, or personal check. Packages will not be sent until both clear the bank. If you choose to pay this way, please let me know you intend to pay via this method. Payment must arrive w/i 7 days.


******I also reserve the right to refuse any offers to buy the packages.




Currently available:


(5) 3 Geocoin Goodie Bags (Sold)

(2) 7 Geocoin Goodie Bags (Sold)

(1) 13 Geocoin Goodie Bag (Sold)

(1) 25 Geocoin Goodie Bag (Sold)

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I've contacted the next 6 - 7 people on the list last night and today. If you can get back to me by tonight, I can have the packages shipped on Monday morning (US) and you could possibly have them in time for Christmas.


If I don't hear from you in the next couple of days, I'll move to the next person.


I'll have more after the holidays and I'll keep contacting people. I've found some coins in some pretty funny places.


I've been able to put at least 2 tsun coins with every package so far and should be able to keep that up for some time to come. I think I've finally worked through my geocoin hoarding issues B)


I'd like to wish everyone a safe and wonderful Holiday season. Be safe in your travels and remember to tell your loved ones you love them :( and give the critters an extra treat :)



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Should you have an extra bag at the bottom of your list.....throw me in for a 3 or 7 item :)


Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!


**our critters have enough treats - I have catnip and mice out my ears for the cats, munchies for the dogs, and a multitude of treats for the birds and rabbit** spoiled much......NAHHHH!!!!

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