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Signature items!


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Today I made a Signature Item.




Do you like it? :laughing:

I will be leaving it in caches I will found!

I have a question about them. If another cacher leaves a signature item, can I take it without leaving anything but my own, or their item is part of a cache?

trade even or up and you're golden

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It's cute - what's it made of? I can't really tell from the pic...


Sig items are treated just like any other item of swag in a cache - You don't have to swap sig for sig :(



I cut six layers of green tissue paper shaped like Signal. Then I stuffed it with tissues while taping the edges. I made a paper tube with my username on it and taped the thing on to the tube. :(

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We don't leave it in every cache -- we'd go broke -- but we had a coin made up with our team name on a German license plate to commemorate our time caching in Germany.




We also had a stamp made with the same license plate design, and we use it to sign caches. So I guess it really is a signature item.

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