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Travel bug to Japan?

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I was planning on setting up a travel bug with a mission (to show my anime addiction) to start from here (Texas) and make it's way to Japan and back home. I was wondering if t here were any caches in Japan and if anyone knew anyone out there. Also I would be a little depressed if it got lost. is it likely to make its way to the islands? Any help will be most appreciated.

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There are 6 caches in Japan. Look at the seek a cache page. None have been found this year. There is a travel bug in one of them. IMO, if you want your bug to go to another country and come back, it would be best to send it to a country with a lot of active cachers, such as Australia, England, Canada (I hardly call this a forein country due to seeing it out my bedroom window while growing up). Sorry if I missed any other countries.

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