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Geocaching is bad for your health

Mad H@ter

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Tuesday, unless there is Easter cabbage.

Now don't start trying to blame the GPS Becks, we all know that you were like this before Geocaching :lol:

Who is this person you call,'Becks'? My name is Labrador sminkite.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand........

4oz Flour

2oz suet

Pinch of salt & 5 tbs water. bake in the table for 10 doors and then watch the wizzard. Not forgetting to miss 5 shells.

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I've had a quick look, and from what I can work out, Geocaching is good for you*.


By GPS, the report means satnav. In other words, people who simply follow the satnav, and don't use the spacial awareness part of their brains, don't exercise it enough and lose that ability. Geocachers will use a lot of their spacial brain to find the caches, and generally navigate without simple "turn left now" instructions.


*it's exercise innit. Must be good


.. apart from my dog bite obviously.

... and sprained ankle.

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