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Where has Smiley gone?

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I see so the weather has gone to your heads. or have you been taking those funny pills. Looked behind the Flora tub and they were not there either! Also I seem to have double, added a few photos to a cache we did today and it has doubled them up, also Geograph on the cache page is showing two sets of everything. I so wish that it would go back to normal....................heeeeeelllllppppppp!

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I have that feeling that I am perhaps flogging a dead horse in this cry for some assistance! There again it is the season to be jolly and not sympathetic I suppose! :rolleyes::lol::cool:


No, no, not at all... We are sympathetic.


What you see here are simple delaying tactics: We haven't got a solution for you so we're just hoping that if we witter on long enough the problem will magically correct itself.


Just keep pressing a few keys... re-booting... muttering... switching off and on...


Somebody really technical is sure to drop by soon...




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For some reason I seem to have lost all the smileys that used to sit by logs found on a cache page, also on Geocaching maps it lists all the caches, but no icons anymore. Any ideas what I have done inadvertently or how I can get them all back.


We've got the same problem on the geocaching map - all caches found and unfound are displayed as unfound. :rolleyes:


Quite a few people seem to be having the same problem since the last site upgrade. I reported it over in the appropriate Release Notes forum, as have several others, but no joy yet. Reloading the map page seems to help for a few minutes.

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Thank goodness its not just me then, I really do miss my smileys on the cache pages and on the map page I get no icons at all which is most upsetting, it shows the list of them on the right hand side, but not where they are...Swindon without one smiley or icon, What a dream! Well the dream would be all smilies really I suppose. So hopefully the 'system' will eventually sort it out. :rolleyes::lol::cool::cool:

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