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Cointest & To Help raise awareness for Mens Health


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My uncle is well-known in my hometown for his gardening abilities. There's a family legend about him that goes like this (and ends in his one-liner!):


Someone from out-of-town stopped at Uncle John's in the fall and asked him if they could buy a hundred pounds of potatoes from him.


He thought for a moment and said, "I don't cut a potato in half for anybody."



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it hasn't been 8 hrs yet for me but I just ran across this one which is geocaching related and my wife stared at me as I rolled around on the floor:


Quote from a cacher named Foo Man Joo


"I'm logging an FT on that one: F**K THAT!"


it makes me imagine a micro tied to a branch that dangles over a 1000 foot drop hundreds of miles in the wilderness

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