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Problem logging into Forums


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I know this is a bit OT but I don't have any faith in the new Feedback system. Why do you "Vote" on reporting a bug? Anyway, perhaps there isn't a bug and we're doing something wrong and some of the more experienced hands here can help.


My daughter has a valid (non-Premium) GC account. She can log on to the GC site fine but when she tries to transfer to the forums it opens as a Guest login. If she tries to log on using her GC login it doesn't recognise it. If she tries to register it won't open a registration page- clicking on the Register link just returns you to the forum home page.


Any ideas? TIA

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If you will try the feedback tab again, there is a link at the bottom of the menu which reads "Go to our Support Portal". Once there you will find links to quite a bit of good information, and on the left navigation box there is a link for "Submit a Request". You can write up the details of your daughter's account issue and someone from Groundspeak will respond with whatever assistance is needed.


Please bear in mind that this is a holiday weekend in the United States, the Seattle area is experiencing icy weather which tends to bring their traffic to a standstill, and there will be a backlog of assistance requests - so their response will probably be delayed.


In the mean time, watch for good suggestions in this forum thread from helpful users.

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I find the entire forum system finicky. In this, the "regular" forum I cannot log-in, search, or write a query or reply using my original caching name (BKip). I have had the premium member account since 2003. Every couple of years I write a request for help to the folks at Groundspeak but the best they could come up with was to create a "sock puppet" account (this one, RKip), which works just fine.


Oddly enough, I can log-in to the Feedback forum with my original account (and my sock-puppet). With both accounts I can even write a reply (I never tried making a new topic), but I CAN NOT vote, with either account.


Odd stuff... mostly I just suck-it-up.


Interesting... I had wondered that as me and the apprentice shared the same email address that there might be some anti-sock puppet control in force. Bang goes that theory.


But we don't appear to be able to register a new login in any case—clicking on a 'register' link just returns you to the forum home page.

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