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Is it worth it?

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I have a TB I want to place, but it seems alot of TB are so neat that people are keeping them or there may be a value and they keep them. Is it worth placing a TB? icon_confused.gif If someone has no plans to continue geocaching or passing on a TB they should just leave it for someone who wants to pass it on. icon_rolleyes.gif I know some people will hold onto them for a special placement if they ever get around to it... oh well I still enjoy geocaching and will comtinue.. icon_biggrin.gif

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You'll never know until you try! Some go bad, some have great fun. We have about as much control over them as we do over our children we try to raise to be good people. Is it worth the effort, investment and frustrations? I used to say get a puppy first to test your resilience... now I think I'll say get a TB first ....work your way up ;-)

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Originally posted by bigbadtrucker:


Is it worth placing a TB?


My advice is to only send out a travel bug if you are willing to accept the possibility that it may never meet its goal(s) and you may never see it again.


One cacher (I forget who) summed it up nicely: "Have high hopes, but low expectations."



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Being new to the game we picked up a bug that had been sitting in a cache for several months, under an interstate overpass that was very accessable. we thought way cool. this bug, dollars and dimes, is headed to ground zero, we wanted to help out and wanted to get it to an area that had some activity. montana is a tough place, big, and not too many cachers. the longer we had this bug (3 to 4 weeks) the stress of getting it going mounted, as we found new caches, looking for the right spot, most rural caches seem to get hit only every few months, alot of the caches had boxes that were to small for this bug. we finally crammed it in one and hope the lid stays on, pack some tape next time, anyway i was way surprised at what this bug involved, i will think twice before taking one again, goal, size, how soon can i get it passed on, stress, this should be a low stress game. i am sure other cachers have experienced the same kind of fate. lets hope this always stays fun.

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But did you communicate what was going on with the bug owner? Rather than just holding on to the bug, you could at least e-mail the owner and say, "Tried to place it in a cache today, but it wouldn't fit."


The other option I've heard is that you could (with the bug owner's permission) log it into the cache and then grab it again immediately. This gets the bug "travelling" even though it's not truly staying in the cache. That at least shows that the bug is TRYING to be active rather than in someone's glove compartment or backpack for 6 months (or worse: the bottom of a kid's toybox).



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Yes we did email owner when we first grabbed the bug and let them know we would have the bug and the date we would try and pass it on. Never did hear anything from them yea or nay. All the four caches we hit this last weekend had the same size box. We backtracked some distance to put the bug in the most likely spot to be picked up by someone on the road. I guess what i'm trying to say is bugs are a responsibility and some people may get frustrated with trying to do the right thing. As in any "group" activity it seems there are some people that can not be pleased no matter what you do.


keep it fun

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Being owners of a couple of travel bugs who had gone missing for a while, as long as they are trying to be placed, it would not be a problem if it took a while to do so. Email updates of the lack of progress would of course be greatly appreciated. At least we would know they are still trying to travel. Why you would not get responses to your email from the bug owners? Who knows. Back to the subject of the post, it's worth the risk to place a bug. Maybe not have something too collectible as it would be tempting to take but it is fun to see how far your bug can travel. Place it and hope for the best!!

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