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Message in a bottle

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I found this link while searching for something else and its an interesting read if you have not read it before. I'm sure it was posted on the forums here before but I couldn't find it so I'm dropping it in now/again.


Message in a Bottle will take you to a story about the USC&GS dropping bottles in the water to see where they would pop up. They were tracking the Ocean Currents and there speed and learned about them more.


This was a feature article in "The American Surveyor" March 2007



If anyone knows where I can get my hands on one of those bottles (besides looking along the beach) please let me know. I would love to add it to my collection of bottles and it would be a good conversation piece. :anibad:

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Back in the 1980's we surveying along US-2/Lake Michigan shoreline in Mackinaw county for erosion. One of the members of the crew wading out in the water to get the elevation found a bottle with a note inside. The party chief was easily distracted so he managed to get the note out and it was a name he recognized, a fellow surveyor who got his start working for him years earlier. Sometime later he was able to contact him and found out the guy had throw the bottle in in the same general area that we found it only a few weeks before

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