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Geocaching trip?

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I go to Siena College and am part of the outting club, its a club that does skis, hikes, white water rafing...anything outdoors. I want to bring up the idea of gong on a trip Geocacheing but I don't know where the best location would be, we can travel anywhere about 2 or 2 1/2 hours from siena college in Albany, NY. I want to suggest a place that would really be worth the cache. Are there any particular great caches I should consider

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The Adirondacks would be an excellent choice... look at Raquette Lake, Tupper Lake or Long Lake (great day hiking trails are everywhere between those three lakes). My personal favorite for a great easy day hike would be Blue Mountain, but it's something that you'd probably want to save for fall (!!!!) or spring (only if you have bug nets and spray).


If you're looking for some place slightly different from that with a little history mixed in, have you considered Ticonderoga?


I'm from Buffalo, and my family was in the Adirondacks for hiking and cross-country skiing everytime we could get away. There is also great kayaking, if you're interested in that!


What kind of skiing do you like? If you like cross-country or snowshoeing, I have some other options for you in Finger Lakes.

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One thing I will say.


After days of following the search efforts for the pastor in the Allegany State Park, please make sure you are provisioned for the area you are going into and make sure to leave a detailed route map or itinerary with someone you trust. Make them responsible for thinking about where you are and when you are due home, so if you are overdue they will call the authorities. It's a good role for someone in the club that can't go on the trip.


I print the cache pages at home and circle where I am going and leave them on the kitchen table for the family to know exactly where I plan to go and note when I expect to finish. Even in a park in a modern suburb I find there are plenty of places where my cell phone just does not work at all.

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There are some excellent caches in the Catskills. Aircrash 3, North Point, Huckleberry Point, The Rocky Lounge and others.


Just don't expect to be able to bag more than handful of caches in the course of a day's hike. The North/South Lake area being the exception. It is a beautiful area with one of NY's highest waterfalls, interesting history and some breathtaking views. There seems to be quite a concentration of caches in the North/South Lake area and it's probably no more than an hour drive from Albany.


If you'd like a paddling outing, Lows Lake and the Bog River in the Adirondacks would be a good destination and that is probably within your range.

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