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Review my earthcache


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Yeah, here is a .pdf of the cache page.

[Link removed by moderator for security reasons]


sorry for the confusion and thanks for the help and constructive criticism.


I couldn't make it through the d/l with that service you have it hosted on. The d/l speed was 1.8 KB/sec and was timing out on your 522.58KB file size, and then a spam detector that I have indicated that they have attached something to your PDF file (assume it is advertising). Sorry.

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Murphys Haystacks consists of two separate though clearly related groups of large, pink (some call it red) Hiltaba granite pillars and boulders standing on Oakfront Hill, just to the west of the Streaky Bay - Port Kenny Road, some 30km northwest of Port Kenny in Australia.


About this EarthCache


Some 1500 million years ago, boiling magma filled crevices below the earth’s surface and then cooled, laying down a granite base. The present formations were formed 100,000 years ago and lay buried below the earth’s surface until about 34,000 years ago when severe and uneven erosion exposed them in their present state. They slowly continue to be eroded, giving them the uneven and distinctive shapes, colorfully adorned with lichen. The cost of entry is $2.00 for Adults or a whole Family for $5.00. The Haystacks can be visited daily from Dawn to Dusk.


Validating the EarthCache find

1. Please explain the difference between the two types of rock formations other than the shape.

2. Please explain in more detail (from the various signs on the property) how the haystacks were formed.

3. Please post a photo of you with your GPS in front of the haystacks.

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Just some suggestions, and I certainly don't see anything fatal in what you've posted:


1. I would recommend a bit more information on the geology of the outcrops you're describing. In general more is better, but not necessarily to the point of being irrelevant information.


2. You mention a fee to enter the area but it's not clear if this is under the control of some government agency or a private business. Generally, here in the U.S., the former would be ok, but the latter would normally require Groundspeak approval.


3. Likewise, you make no mention of permission for you EC placement from the land owner or manager, or if there is some special circumstance that would not require it (e.g. roadside pullout or rest area type thing).


4. My guess is the photo requirement would be viewed as an ALR as it does not seem directly relevant to the EC.


Good luck! Sounds like a great location 8)

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The location is a great spot and there is a good geologic history there. There is quite a bit more you can do with these features.


Have a look at

http://www.murphys-haystacks.com/geo_simp.htm (short version)

http://www.murphys-haystacks.com/geo_tech.htm (long version)

to get information about how these landforms were formed. Try to incorporate the information and pictures. The questions could incorprate the weathering front or how high the soil was when the concave sections of the pillars formed.


It sounds like these are simlar to the Inselbergs in Joshua Tree NP in California. I adoped out an EarthCache there that deal with a similar process.


The ' character came across as some code.

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