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any one for a race?


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You asked that about a month ago.


I see you're in Alaska, do you have an idea or where would you like the bugs to start from and go? I've never been part of a TB race, but there's always a first time...


I have some TB tags big_smile.gif


How about if all the TBs have to be snow/winter themed (polar bear, husky, snowmobile, snowman, etc), starting in Alaska, and the goal is some cache in Florida?


... this is only a draft suggestion, not to be taken seriously or restrictively.

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Originally posted by geojed:

I would be starting the race in my "take a hike in the woods cache". I just need someone to make a website and donate or make a cache in Florida.


What do you mean make a cache in Florida? Are you trying to get your TB from AK to FL? Where in FL? I am there....curiouser and curiouser.

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There are lots of caches in Florida already. None of those will work?


How fancy of a web page do you need? Should it be page with race information plus a map server that will generate a dynamic map as the race progresses or a simple page with a periodically updated map? Under its own domain?


Anyone else interested in an AK to FL race?

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You could always find a partner to race (anywhere in the world), then each place a bug in your local cache, racing to the other person's cache.


That way when they arrive, you can pick them up and mail them back.


Although they're going opposite directions, they still have to cover the exact same distance.


Maybe worth a try?

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heres a basic set of rules: 1 no intentally harming a travel bug,if you want to do that go to the "cannonball run" race

2.A geocacher may move a travel bug they find as far as they want

3.not neccesary but please use new travel bug


thats it, unless I forgot somthing,get them ready,you can do anything you want dress them as alaskans put them in bags with information ect And enjoy the race




(P.S.the rules are up for some debate)


(P.S.S. the race starts here)

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I like the idea from the Cannonball run where a bug has make state-to-state moves. Because the provinces are so big, I thought a distance rule might be in order, 200 miles(?). Checkpoints could work too. This race is not a sponsered race, so is going to have a smaller ... budget ... than the NY Geocaching Organization's Cannonball Run.


Some initial questions and my guesses/answers:


1. Are long flights fair to the sportsmenship of the race?



2. Winter may not be the best time to start in AK. How much caching happens in Alaska and Canada in the winter? Along that line, how many cachers are there in Canada?

Not much/many, will be a slow start.


3. Why should I enter a bug in the race? What are the award categories? What are the prizes?

I'll ignore the first one. Awards for first, second, and third places, most interesting/unique bug (determined by poll), others(?), I don't want to do a lot of counting statistics. I seem to be kind of a coordinator with geojed so I'll put up some for prizes, he hasn't told me to "shut up, it's my race".


4. Is Brad racing a moose?

Yes big_smile.gif


29 Nov

Race Begins.


30 Nov

"Was in Anchorage for a winter polar bear conference. The snow was pretty deep out to the cache, but a nice hike in my rented snowshoes. Picked up Brad's moose TB. I see he's in some race."


6 Dec

"Back home in Miami. I know he's in a race, but this is the first chance I had, sorry for holding the moose so long. Dropped him off at a local cache. Hope he wins!"


7 Dec

"Picked up the moose TB."


14 Dec

"Placed the moose in the destination cache. Woo hoo! He wins first place!"


Back in Anchorage...

"Found this awesome 4x4-monster-truck TB in the AK to FL race, cool. When the snow melts, I'll place it somewhere, but I'm gonna play with it this winter."


15 Dec - months and months

The big wait for the REST of the bugs.



[This message was edited by brad.32 on October 27, 2003 at 08:10 AM.]

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I like the idea of Alaska to Florida, but I think that it would be better to post pone it until spring...


How about Florida to Alaska?

That way it could be in the warmer states while the north is having bad weather and by the time everything is thawing, they'll make their way up here?


I also agree there should be a distance rule. I can see someone sending their bug to FLA because they're going to be there for a conference or somethign and then getting it and taking it bakc home to help move it along.


I have a good rule.... How about no touching your own travel bug once it's in the race unless it comes to your home state?

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While I didn't think people lived in igloos in Anchorage, I've been corrected in that snowshoes aren't needed there. It's a coastal town next to the Pacific, so the climate is mild compared to the inland areas. It doesn't get that cold and they don't get a lot of snow. The bugs will find themselves in the cold interior as they travel south, but their stay in Anchorage will be pleasant.

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I am about to start my own race with six travel bugs.




Might end up being a multi lap race.

If someone wants to join in, I will add a link to your bug on my web page.

Bugs dont have to start in the same spot.


We have snow on the ground up here, my bugs will probably be stuck in a snow bank until spring.



Bryan Harstad


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fly46 suggested geojed start his race in Florida and heading to Alaska from there, so the same could be done with yours, or you could wait until spring.


The problems include 1) the waiting and 2) conflict with the 2nd annual cannonball run, assuming they do the run again. Making a race "annual" assumes the racers finish in less than a year, a big assumption for TBs.


Seems like your race is ready to go, so there's no point in waiting. The/We Johnny-Come-Lately entries are the only thing potentially slowing you down.


Is yours a Lego-themed race? It could start and end in Carlsbad, if someone down there wants to handle the placing and watching. I could do it here, but I'm near SF so clockwise from here could potentially get a bug to Washington or Montana while still winter.

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I've been hearing about racing for months now since geojed mentioned he was interested in forming one up there. Not much has happened and I'm assuming the Cannonball Run might start up in the spring around the time SomewhereInND starts his race too.


I like SomewhereInND's round-the-clock idea, then the start and finish are in one place. His web map for the race status is what I had in mind for a race web page. Nothing fancy like the Cannonball Run. I don't have the web design skills to do that.


If the race runs to Florida from here in California or counter-clockwise-around-the-US race from here, that should avoid the snow (this winter). Someone in Florida would have to retreive the bugs there though for the former. Any volunteers? Otherwise I'll do the latter (SomewhereInND's circle idea if it's okay with him).


I'M GOING TO DO THIS, if some other people join in. I'm thinking the race would start about 1-4 Jan 2004, which should give people time to mail their bugs to me and for people to agree on rules, etc.


I'm not running a moose for this race.


Any one ready to go by New Years Day?

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Since I have a bug waiting to be released with very similar goals (hit as many states/providences as possible and maybe pick up some el cheapo keychains along the way) I'm in for that one whenever it begins.


As for cross country races, I'll wait till Cannonball comes around again. Since it looks like a "greater part of a year to finish" race then I'm probably not in a rush to start, especially right as winter is beginning.

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Since I have a bug waiting to be released with very similar goals (hit as many states/providences as possible and maybe pick up some el cheapo keychains along the way) I'm in for that one whenever it begins.




I just ordered some more TBs and will let you know when they arrive, so that we can try to find more people who want to join.

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I've worked up a strawman, bare-bones web page for the race I've proposed:




... maybe it should be hosted on geocities or something.


Is it sufficiently different in intent and timing from the Great Cannonball Run, SomewhereInND's, geojed's, etc race to be worth doing and not interfere with participation in those races? People have sensitive feet sometimes.


It will be a greater-part-of-a-year race, yes.


Other suggestions?


If this thing actually gets off the ground, I'll start a new announcement TB thread, but the clock is ticking, but, then again, the 1ST ANNUAL TRAVELBUG CANNONBALL RUN thread doesn't have a mention of a when or if for the 2nd.

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I released my six bugs, they are sitting in a snow bank right now, probably will be there until spring. Sorry didnt wait for anyone else, had a little cabin fever yesterday. Caching is a great cure for cabin fever. After slipping and sliding in the snow/mud yesterday, I realized that mosquitos are not all that bad.


Here is a link to 1 of the 6, it contains links to the others.


http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?ID=61538 The bug page also contains a link to a race page that I set up, not much on that page yet.


If anyone wants to join in, release your bug, tell me about it, and Ill provide a link to it, they dont have to start at the same spot.


Winning formula will be


(NumberOfValidStatesVisited - NumberOfValidStatesMissed)*

NumberOfValidCachesVisted / NumberOfDaysToCompleteLoop.


Valid states/caches are states bordering outside of continental US


This formula does not really care when bugs were released, or where they were released. Anyone can join in at anytime. Could keep a running list of high scores, Bugs can do multiple laps, each lap is a seperate race.


High Score wins, winner gets $1,000,000.00

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Let me toss in my two cents here too.


First off, don't worry about stepping on toes.. mine are pretty calloused and thick (like my head).


Second any rule you make that says that an owner is disqualified if they handle one of the bugs in the race is absolutely unenforcable, we found this out on the 1st Cannonball Run, there was an instance where I absolutely know that an individual moved His?her own bug but it was logged under a sock puppet account and we could do nothing about it.


Third, any rule you make, someone will do their best to find a way around it!


Hope some of this helps, good luck with your race!

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