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Where and when did you hear about geocaching the first time?


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I actually learned about it from the movie Splinter Heads which was streaming on Netty. It looked awesome so I Googled it read everything I could watched youtube videos and was hooked did my first find soon after and bought a magellan gc gps for Christmas! Got two friends addicted since then! LOVE IT~

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While working a saw one of my co-workers poking around the bushes in the parking lot... :huh: I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was Geocaching. I thought it was kinda interesting so that night in May of 2010 I signed up and found my first cache in the parking lot at my work (the same one he was looking for)and I was instantly hooked!!! B) That co-worker of mine goes by the name of gummibjorn, thanks buddy!

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I first heard about geocaching a few years ago, I was looking for an inexpensive fun thing to do with the kids while we were on vacation in New Hampshire that would get them off the couch, we all like hiking and this sounded like a fun thing to try, Today..... I am the only one who is out in the woods and the kids, well ya there still on the couch ;)


I have joined G.A for therpy - (Geocachers Anonymous) - My name is EvilTree and I am a Addict. ;) bty my first cache try was a Big DNF! and the next few logs confirmed it truly was MIA, went back there the following year and redeemed the DNF

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We found out in a kind of left-handed way. As a police officer, I was on patrol and found a car with out of state plates in an unusual place. I called it in and got out to check out the car. As I was looking through the window, a family walked out of the woods nearby. I talked to them and they explained about geocaching. After they left, I called my wife and asked her to get on the computer and check it out. That was a little over a year ago and we found our 1000th cache last month. I'd like to meet them again to thank them.

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I've known about Geocaching for probably 3 or 4 years now. I keep up with lots of crazy technology related projects, experiments, etc (I'm a big geek and work in IT...)

I think it was on Slashdot.org that I first read about caching.


However, it wasn't until a work training course I took in New Jersey that I met someone who could actually take me caching. Now, I'm beyond addicted.

Found 52 caches while in New Jersey (one of those in New York) and bought an Oregon 450 on Sunday.

Just waiting out the crazy cold rain snap we've had down here before my wife, 8 week old son, and I can go caching here! (I'd go in the rain if there weren't a baby involved...)

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I am pretty sure I heard about it several years ago from a longtime soldier friend of mine. He has mentioned geocaching a few times here & there on his blog, so I knew it existed, at least. I do specifically recall him saying how much the sport of geocaching benefitted him after he returned home from a war zone - the specific quote elude me, but the gist of it is that there was/is something about geocaching that was/is very beneficial to him on many levels, not the least of which is that its a fun thing to do, LOL! It was that comment that really has stuck in my mind the most. When I was trying to find fun family activities to do with the kids that are fun yet affordable, somehow CJ's love for Geocaching popped back into my head rather randomly. Took the teens once, and was prompty HOOKED! :D


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I'm a big fan of Llamasoft. Revenge Of The Mutant Camels was one of my very favourite games as a kid. A few years ago I really wanted to see what sort of thing Llamasoft were churning out these days (and, my word, Space Giraffe did not disappoint...) so ended up subscribing to Jeff Minter's blog. A couple of years ago he mentioned that he'd tried Geocaching and explained what it was all about. It instantly grabbed me as Something Fun To Do and I jumped on it right away!

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About a year ago my colleague mentioned, that he had a great time with his kids searching for "treasures", so i asked him what kind of treasures, and that was the first time i have heard about geocaching. First i didn`t have gps device. Few weeks later i bought new smart phone and installed app for geocaching. But mobile phone (Xperia X10 mini) is not very good for trips up to the hills, so i purchased gpsmat 62s and ever since i am hooked :) And this was my first cache...

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I think I had heard about it prior but not sure if I really did or where. But the first time I heard about it and actually checked geocaching out to see what the deal was was one day in June 2008, a friend was over at my house. We were talking and he happened to bring it up and asked had I ever heard of it. He and some friends of his had started doing it not long before.


Checked this site out. Found my first cache a week after joining. Coincidentally, that particular cache was archived three months to the day after I found it. In it's honor, my first hide was in the same parking lot (it's in a park, not THAT "kind" of parking lot with a cache so many people seem to dislike lol).


Oddly enough, the guy who got me into geocaching stopped shortly after I started.

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September 5, 2003 I was at work in Lafayette Colorado attending to my duties which included reading an RV magazine. I ran across an article about other uses for your GPS. I had a Magellan 310 at the time so I read the article. Can you say "hooked"? Geocaching.com was mentioned and I accessed the web site and was printing out caches minutes later. Early the next morning I set out. A couple hours later I had bagged my first three caches.

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Last weekend I told my wife I wanted to adjust our vacation plans a bit and visit a place I went to as a kid once. She agreed but only if I could find other things to do in the area to make it an entire day outing. So, searching online, I came across a few mentions to geocaching. So I researched it and it sounds like a fun thing to do with the family. So, yesterday, I swung by a couple of places that were on the way home and found 2 caches. Hooked....

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May 2006 while I was sitting in a carpool. Someone was talking about it in the car on how they were almost arrested because they thought he was trying to case the house from the trail side of an ivy covered 12' ft cyclone fence. Of course untrue. I got curious and went to the website, bought a GPS and found caches while walking my dog near my house.

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