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Mega Event - South Africa


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Good news!


Due to technology challenges, the website has been struggling to keep up with all the people trying to access it to purchase tickets, geocoins, etc.


So .....


The Early Bird 50% Discount has been extended to Sunday, 16 September 2012, to give you a chance to make your bookings successfully.


This is your LAST CHANCE to get the tickets at this price. From Monday, 17 September it will be the full price of R120 per adult and R20 per child under 16.


Mega regards


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9Icon Walk


The first ever South African MEGA Event is less than three weeks away.


The excitement is building at a huge pace and you cannot afford to miss this once in a lifetime South African geocaching festival. :D


As all Geocachers know and enjoy so well: the game is about the challenge of finding those elusive hidden treasures! The beauty of the game also lies in the infinitive range of challenges that we can set for ourselves in our quest for yet more treasures and smileys!


In this spirit of the game, the organisers of the MEGA Event South Africa 2012 have learnt from our fellow geocachers in Europe and we have set up a unique challenge that only presents itself on rare occasions.


We are proud to unveil one of the main attractions of the MEGA Event, namely the opportunity to find caches with 9 different Groundspeak icons on one single day. To make this challenge even more sociable, we will from 14:00 on Saturday 6 October 2012, as a caching group take a leisurely walk from the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site, past some of Pretoria’s most historical buildings all the way to Church Square; a walk of approximately 4.5 km in distance. Please ensure that you have water, sunscreen and if you are so inclined, some snacks for the road.


We have especially designed a Wherigo Cache which will be situated at the Monument. Cachers participating in the 9Icon Walk should play the Wherigo on Saturday shortly before the start of the 9Icon Walk. With a Wherigo Icon in the bag and the MEGA Event Icon earned by signing the logbook on Saturday, the remaining 7 Icons await you along the route of the 9Icon Walk to enable you to collect all 9 Icons on one day:

• Wherigo Cache

• MEGA Event Cache

• Traditional Cache

• Earth Cache

• Puzzle Cache

• Letterbox Hybrid Cache

• Multicache

• CITO Event Cache

• Event Cache


The walk will conclude with an Event Cache at Church Square. From there Transport will be provided to take the crowd back to the MEGA Event Site.


We are looking forward to you joining us for the MEGA fun on what promises to be an Iconic 9Icon Walk!!


Hurry over and book your ticket for the MEGA South Africa 2012 at www.geocachingsa.com Also remember to tell your geo-friends to log their “Will Attend” on the listing at GC3B0EJ on www.geocaching.com

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MEGA Horse Riding


Enjoy the freedom and beauty of horse riding in indigenous bush at MEGA South Africa 2012. We are most fortunate to have the availability of the most loving and kind horses at the Cape Riding Horse Club situated a mere 50m from the MEGA Event Venue.


If you would like to enjoy this great opportunity, please make your BOOKING right away! Don't Delay or you will lose out.


Cape Riding has set riding times and can only accommodate a limited number of people (max. 8) per ride. They are also open to the general public, so if you snooze you will lose.


Details for Bookings:


Please contact Marlene directly at 082 828 6323 or caperiding@polka.co.za.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you make your booking you MUST mention you are part of the MEGA Event. If you do not do this, you will pay the full price. MEGA Attendees get a discounted rate!

Webpage: (visit link)


Riding Times:

Friday, 5 October - 11:00 and 15:00 (if you can get there super early, you could do the 09:00 time slot)

Saturday, 6 October - 11:00 and 15:00 (if you can get there super early, you could do the 09:00 time slot)

Sunday, 7 October - 09:00 and 11:00



Short Ride (30 minutes) - R60 per person

(Normal Rate : R90)

Long Ride (60 minutes) - R100 per person

(Normal Rate : R150)


REMEMBER - Tell them you are a MEGA Attendee!!


Don't Delay - Book Today!

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7 Things you DIDN'T know about MEGA South Africa 2012 ...


1. The attendance fee covers you for entry on ALL three days, and it includes the entrance fee to the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site, the Welcome Pack and most of all - the MEGA EXPERIENCE in South Africa!


2. You don't need to attend all three days to qualify for the Mega Event - you can attend anytime from 5 to 7 October, for as short or as long as you like.


3. Your earliest and closest next chance to get a MEGA Event Icon on your Geocaching statistics will be at NZ MEGA 2012 (GC35TTR).


4. The MEGA Event presents you with a very rare opportunity to find 9 Different Cache Icons on one day.


5. You'll be able to take your caching experience to an entirely new space by doing some night caching and enjoy stargazing with the Pretoria Branch of the Astronomical Society of South Africa.


6. You'll be able to meet the longest active Geocacher in South Africa who found South Africa's first hidden Geocache (he will also be one of the Caching Gurus).


7. You'll get a specific Mega Event icon AND an unique Groundspeak Souvenir created only for this event!


.... And just because Geocachers are crazy people we throw in another thing about MEGA South Africa 2012 that may not have been known....


8. Remember that you must also log your WILL ATTEND for all the other Events that will take place during MEGA South Africa 2012 – there are 7 additional event smileys up for grabs! Look out for the listings as they are published in the next few days.

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Guided Nature Hikes


We are most honoured to have Accredited Nature Guides & Honourary Rangers husband and wife team - Ella & John Roberts - who will generously give us their time for guiding you on the Hiking Trails. Both are most knowledgeable about our rich and diverse Fauna and Flora and they will impart their knowledge and love for the outdoors with you, as you search for those elusive cache hides.


This will be an amazing opportunity to learn more about your environment and make you appreciate the little things around you, while still enjoying your favourite hobby!


This service is part of the MEGA Event - there is no additional fee.


Kids are very welcome too!


Don't miss out, as walks have a limitation to number of people and there will only be a few walks per day.



The MEGA Organising Committee

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With the MEGA Event fast approaching we are finalising the commemorative Clothing orders, to have it available in time in your Goodie Bag. Make use of this last opportunity to get your hands on this limited edition sort-after merchandise!


For any clothing orders go to www.geocachingsa.com


and place your order now!


All orders need to be submitted, paid and proof payment sent to Finance@geocachingsa.com, by no later than 18:00 on Sunday, 23 September 2012.


This is your LAST chance to order your commemorative MEGA Clothing - Don't miss this opportunity!

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There are two popular routes - one is easy-going ideal for families and one is more challenging.


You can only ride if you have your helmet on.


If you would like to do some mountain biking, inform the security at the main entrance that you are bringing your bike as part of the Mega Event at the Picnic Area. If you do this, you will NOT need to pay anything.


There will be caches along all the routes and trails, as the hiking, horse riding and mountain bike routes criss cross each other and sometimes get shared.



The Organising Committee

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A few years ago some South African geocachers came up with the great idea that we should host a Mega Event in South Africa. Now there is less than 2 weeks to go before we all have the opportunity in sharing the Mega Fun at the first ever Mega Event in Africa which is hosted in Pretoria, South Africa.


One of the last items on the programme of the Event is the closing ceremony of the log book at 12:00 on Sunday, 7 October 2012. Those of you that followed the Olympic Games hosted in London earlier this year may have seen during the closing ceremony how the mayor of London, Borris Johnson, handed the Olympic Flag over to the mayor of Rio de Janero, Eduardo Paes.


As organising committee of the 2012 South African Mega Event we would like to be in a position to undertake a similar type of symbolic gesture of handing over the Mega Event to the team of Geocachers who have taken up to the challenge to start organising the next South African Mega event. Geocachers in other regions of the country that want to organise the next South African Mega event are asked to kindly contact us at info@geocachingsa.com so that we can talk about the logistics of handing over the baton not only ceremoniously on 7 October 2012 but also practically thereafter.

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Newbies at the MEGA


"Part of the GoSA Constitution Objectives are to promote and enhance the Geocaching Game in South Africa. In pursuit of this objective we have decided to allow Newbies to join the MEGA event for FREE - their entry will be sponsored by GoSA. A Newbie in this case is someone who does not have a Geocaching Handle yet. You are invited to bring as many newbies along with you as you want - the only requirement for them to qualify for the free entry is that they need to sign up as Geocachers at the MEGA event - either as their team or as an individual."

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Statistics for the Mega Event


I am busy generating statistics for the Mega event, but to do this I need to know the rules for logging this event. My problem is that the Mega event itself was not a specific event, but rather a whole programme of events, talks (and caches?) over a span of a few days. I'll appreciate it if somebody from the organizing committee will comment on the following:


Which of the following should count?

- Only those that have signed the log. (My problem with this is that the existence of the log book was not communicated well - I was lucky to have noticed it.)

- Attending one of the events on the monument terrain.

- Attending only the MEGA SA 2012 - CITO Luton Valley event.

- Finding one of the caches on the monument terrain Friday to Sunday (but not an event).

- Finding only a non-MEGA cache (Fort Schanskop) Friday to Sunday

- Visiting the monument terrain, but not attending an event or finding a cache Friday to Sunday.

- Finding one of the MEGA or 9Icon caches outside the monument terrain Friday to Sunday.

- Finding one of the caches on the monument terrain before last Friday.

- Finding one of the MEGA or 9Icon caches outside the monument terrain before last Friday.

- Maybe some combination of the above?


(I'll publish the statistics on the Statistics thread once I get an answer on these questions.)

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