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Web site for saving trails?


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A while back someone posted a link that when clicked on opened a page on Google Earth and showed their route. I believe there was a sliding scale on the bottom of the page that displayed distance and altitude as the route progressed.


We are trying to find something like this to download hikes that we would like to save/share. We have a Garmin 550 and Delorme pn40. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Try this:


Forum thread link


Best roundup I've seen published anywhere. I added a handful more sites that were not included on the original list or in the subsequent responses.


To the OP - there are literally DOZENS of these sorts of sites out there, and there are often sites that have a more regional focus, too, so there could well be hundreds if you count all the sites available in different languages. Each one is good at certain things.

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I like this site and have been uploading hikes I have been taking around the Ozarks and the Buffalo River. It's free and it's easy to use and you can share or not share your trips. Also allows write ups.


A great free program to edit your waypoints and tracks together into a GPX file is easygps


This site looks to be a GPS phone support site but it works great for GPS devices as well. The GPX files import right into my Topo9 and my PN 60. (Best GPS I have ever owned I have had 2 Garmins and a PN 20)




Mark Jones

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regarding original post:

You want to save and share your hikes. So, save your hikes in GPX format. You can send these to anyone to open on their Google Earth. On the left you will see the GPX files opened. Right click on a track and you will choose the elevation profile, which also has a speed graph, with listed distance, elevation gain/los, max and avg slope, time.


If you want to share in a site, I also like Everytrail as listed above.


If you are compiling your hikes and want summaries, graphs, aerial photos, etc, I really like



One of my screen grabs, click on thumb below, and then again on midsize at site for full size:


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