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Adding goal cards to existing TBs

Green Toad

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I was wondering what people thought of adding goal cards to existing TBs. I have a couple TBs in my possession right now that don't have a goal card attached to them.


In order to help alleviate the number of MIA TBs I was thinking that I would copy the goal from the TB's webpage and put it on a card to be attached to the TB. Hopefully, this will help insure that at least the TBs that I come across in the future will be less likely to go MIA.


Would this be considered rude if I did that?




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As a TB owner, I don't think I'd mind. You can always contact the owners of the bugs you pick up and ask them if they'd like that addtion. I think most of them will welcome the fact that someone is looking out for their bugs.


You could take a sample card and upload it as an image on your profile page or to one of your own TB pages. Then send the TB owner the URL when you contact them. Give them a visual of what you are thinking of doing.



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We do it without asking. Many times we never got a response and held onto the bugs for longer than we'd like. Now, if a bug goes through our hands, the extra tags get added.


Example. If there is a problem down the road, the owner can request the tags be removed.


We don't see it so much as helping the bug owner, but more like helping newbies that don't know any better and the finders that come after us. The tags help the people who move the bugs along.





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We have also added cards to two travel bugs, both of which had been considerably off course when we found them. In both cases, we contacted the owners. One responded, the other didn't but we added the card anyway. We used the format sheet developed by Rocket Man and linked on the thread "labeling travel bugs", but it wasn't as nice as the ones Sissy-n-CR have been using. It also has to be laminated to be durable. It's the about the size of a business card, maybe a bit larger, so for a small TB it adds some size.


To look at it, check into this URL:



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Those tags are really cool, where did you get them? And how much?


I would be happy to email you a word file with an example of my card. I two side print it and then laminate it. Email if you want me to send it. It is larger than I like for small bugs, but could be made smaller by decreasing the font more.



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