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change cache size once published


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Might be worth just posting a note on your cache page to point out that the container has changed. Obviously you'll be having to change the description text anyway but a note in the logs get's people's attention when they are at the location. They may not re-read a description they read a few days back but they most likely will read through the last few logs if they can't find it.

(Assuming they are paperless of course)

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how do I do that?

On the cache page under 'Navigation' > 'Log Visit' > 'Post Note' write "container changed from micro to small" or similar.


And /or add to the cache description as Edit: November 2010 Container changed from Micro to a Small


You don't have to, but it is nice to do so. :D

(It can mess cachers stats regarding number of finds of different size containers. It's nice to see where you get a change and why, if your into stats that closely! :blink::P )

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At the top of the right hand side of the cache page, there is a butto "log your visit", the same one that you use to log your finds. There you will find a number of options including note and owner maintenance. I would probably use owner maintenance as you, the owner, did check up on the cache and replace it. The note button I often use for TB drops.


Thanks for taking pride in your geocache and wanting to make it a great experience for the finders!

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Erm, yep, wot they all said :P


As for people doing challenges and collecting different cache sizes, terrains, difficulties etc, yes that may cause them a hiccup. But I think most would prefer 'appropriate' sized containers (larger where larger is possible) and accurate listings.


You could of course archive the old and set a new, but that seems a bit extreme just to change the container size and appease those on a mission to collect all the combinations.

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