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I lost my log

Pat in Louisiana
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I had picked up Harold VZ travel bug from Treasure Creek in Georgia and logged it in late February. Today I placed him in Port Hudson in Louisiana. When I tried to log it there was no record that I ever picked him up in Georgia! What's up with that? I modified my pics of him and now I can't get his tag number off the pic.

Is there any way to get the tag number?


Pat in Louisiana


I never get lost. I simply investigate alternate destinations.

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When I first got started, I picked up two TB's. In the excitement of moving them decent distances, I too lost the log in which I wrote the numbers. One was easy to go back and get, the other I had to write the owner about.


The owners will help you.(as you found out) The one I wrote to even admitted that he/she had done the same thing (and told me not to feel bad about it).


---Mikel & ErinsWeb

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