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West of Calgary maps

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Hi Guys . Havent been on here for years. Found my old garmin legend in a drawer the other day and thought

I should get into this again.. The legend wouldnt stay turned on, switched batteries still wouldnt, sometimes

it was on for 5 minutes then an hour. Bought a new one yesterday and today I read the legend may just need a firmware update, who knows.


I bought a Garmin 60csx. It came loaded with a base map,and has a 1 gig micro card in it . The base map

doesnt show alot. I want to get something for it. I dont really need a map that has tons of city info as I have an auto type gps in my truck..

I want something that shows trails and roads in the back country west of Calgary. Bragg Creek area and south. the Old man river area.. I havent done this in years and Im lost again with this mapping stuff.

Dont know what is needed, where to get it, or how to install and get it working stuff.. Want to do the Geocaching thing again, and thats about all this new GPS will get used for..


So Any Help would be really appreciated



Dale M

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Yes and get the Ibycus Topo maps. They cover the whole country. Just Google them. You need to download via torrent and install to Mapsource.

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