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tHe PiGMaN is a real PiG

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I know there is already another thread on this jerk, but he/she/it pisses me off so much that, I decided to start a new one. This person PiGsLoP has taken my travel bug Mercury Atlas that has already traveled 2699 miles.


PiGsLoP takes travel bugs and holds them “hostage.” This is the message that PiGsLoP leaves: "PiGMaN HaS TakEn meRcuRY AtlAs inTO hiS bEInG...hoSTaGe iS hE fOr a tIMe OInK oiNK." He/she/it has logged 12 caches and stolen 13 travel bugs. His/her/its hobby is "TakiNG bUGs FOr RaNSoM."


I hope that the account of this piece of s#%& has been disabled, but it doesn't appear so when looking at the profile.


Grow Up PiGMaN

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Could be just a game he is playing and may return them, glad he is not near here. Disable his account he may just go underground, you can still lookup caches without an account. He may just log his next hostages in the cache log and no longer log online leaving the TB still on the cache page and not in the cache. Most likely just looking for attention. I've told several people of geocaching before and the first thing they tried to think of was how to mess with people, to which I just shook head and no longer discus geocaching with them. They also do not have a GPS or interest to pursue their thoughts in the passing conversation which makes me happy.


Car37 & Shnde

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Starting new threads about this guy is just giving him what he wants. icon_rolleyes.gif Again, don't give him the pleasure of knowing your displeasure. Take away his fun and he'll stop and go back to molesting farm animals or something. There could be a potential P-Man near you reading this and planning a raid in your area just to read the sqwaking about it. Ignore him. It's everyone's best bet.




The greatest labor saving invention of today is tomorrow....

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Dear Rocketman, we are very very sorry to have placed your travel bug within PigJerk's reach!!! We watch all the bugs we place and are always excited when we get a message that one has been logged. It made us sick when he got it. Unfortunately, we gather that his account HAS been disabled (he hasn't logged anything in over a month), but apparently he is still out there stealing entire cache contents and leaving notes.......Sick. Mary & Mike

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PiGMaN took a TB that I placed in the Travel Bug Depot in Greenville, SC. While it was not my bug, I am a little ticked. I'm heading up @ Blowing Rock, NC, to do some hiking and caching @ Memorial Day. Maybe I can find some time to do some PiG hunting as well.


The path to insanity is seldom a solitary journey.

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