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Garmin 62 set up

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I'm good with smartphones and ok with computers.


I'm looking at getting a Garmin 62 (s or st, I don't know the difference yet).


What steps would I need to do as soon as I got it to get out caching?


Load maps?

Load caches?


Does it automatically give turn by turn to the cache? Audible?


Could I get it and load the nearest 1000 traditional caches and then be set to go?


Do I need to buy special maps for trail maps in preserves and parks?



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The difference between the s and st is preloaded topo maps on the st. I suggest going to gpsfiledepot.com and downloading the free topo maps there. They are every bit as good as the Garmin maps, and the free 24k maps are actually better than the 100k Garmin maps that come on most units. If you want maps you can navigate with, you will need either the Garmin maps, or there are 3rd party free maps available for that as well. If you use the free maps (or any maps not preloaded onto the GPSr you buy), you will need to use MapSource (comes with your GPSr) to load the maps.


You look like you are already a premium member of this site, so you can download Pocket Queries, which are the way to go. Be sure to select the new 1.0.1 format for the GPX files if you go with a new Garmin (like the 62 or 450). Then it is simply a matter of dropping the file into the Garmin/GPX folder on your Garmin device.

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I suggest the 62s.


Add on the City navigator micro SD card for your region. ( since you are in Florida, City Navigator for N. America ) Target, Walmart and a host of other vendors carry the item ~ $90.00 )


Set your proximity alarms to suit.


You will get turn by turn indications >>> but no voice prompts.


Add the Topos as suggested by bcblues


It is my understanding that the Maggie 710 which is waiting in the wings has a turn by turn voice prompt feature. But that information is 4th. hand

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