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Cool Cow Cachers

The mother of all CITO?

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As we were headed back towards the car, we came across a man who I thought was tying his shoes or adjusting his clothing somehow. He was quite surprised to see us there and said something I didn't quite make out. We just went along minding our own business, weirdos in the park and all. He went along his way towards the street and we continued back towards the car doing picking up some of the copious trash in this area of the park.


Just as we were approaching the football field, still a little unnerved by the weird guy, I looked over to the bushes and saw what will forever be the mother of CITO discoveries. If I geocache until the day I die, I don't think anything will top this one. I stopped in my tracks because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Erika said that she had seen the maintenance crew cleaning up the park this morning so whatever it was we should just leave for them. But she hadn't seen what I saw.


About twenty feet from the trail, on the edge of the field, there was a man lying face down in the bushes. I couldn't see any movement, and considering the strange behavior of the last guy we had just run into I had no idea what was going on here. Was this a homeless person sleeping here in the park? Face down in the dirt, not very likely. Had he been attacked in some way by the other guy and left here? Considering we had been caching nearby I would think (hope) we would have seen or heard something. Was he even alive? I had been watching closely and still hadn't seen any movement yet. Whatever the case, we knew we couldn't just leave him there.


I went over to check on him and was greatly relieved to see him move, however slightly when I tried to rouse him. I couldn't get any other response out of him though so Erika called 911 and stayed with him while I went to the street the direct EMS to the site. She was finally able to get him to turn over and be somewhat responsive by the time I returned with the medics. It seems that he was, "so high" on pills of some kind that he had just crashed face first into the bushes. Considering the amount of 24oz liquor cans laying around (one of which was underneath him), I think that may have played a part in the equation too.


The end the medics told us we could go so we headed back to the car finally to put and end to this weirdest of caching days. They were able to get him up and walked him over to the ambulance where I'm sure he was taken somewhere to warm and sober up. I'm not sure if the first man played any part in this equation. I tried to catch up to him to at least see where he headed while we waited for EMS to arrive on the scene but he was long gone.


This is sure to be our most memorable find ever.

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Well, you probably saved the man's life. Especially face down in the dirt, he was probably already experiencing shallow breathing, being passed out, and then to have his face in the dirt too?

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