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What's your first hide?


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Our first hide, in a reserve close to our house - http://coord.info/GC1ZYAR


We still walk the dog within 10 metres of it everyday and occasionaly meet fellow cachers, easy location to maintain and drop off or pick up trackables! I love ammo boxes so was excited to hide one. Since then have gone onto hide quiet a few more!


Love to think of and make camo caches and not just small ones! Like to read the logs when somebody finds them.

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My first two hides were caches that I adopted. They were puzzles that I enjoyed solving, in locations that I liked, but had been neglected by an owner who had mostly lost interest in geocaching, so I contacted him and offered to take care of them.


The first cache I actually created myself is http://coord.info/GC214K8. It was just placed on Valentine's day this year, and I hope it will be active for a long, long time.

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My first hide was actually hidden Saturday morning and approved Monday afternoon so yes, it's still active.


It's called A Walk In The Park and is in (or at least just literally off to the side of) the parking lot in this particular park.


I actually placed it there for a personal reason--this same parking lot once held the cache that was my first *find* back in 2008. So I thought what better place to put my first *hide*? Kind of an "in honor/memory of" sort of thing lol.

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Teglgårdsparken hidden on 02/25/2009. Archived on 05/03/2010 because we moved too far away to do maintenance. It was a small multi in a park (old insane asylum ground) just across the street from our old apartment. We were sad to archive it, but we decided it was better than to adopt it out. We would rather open up the space for some new caches - which unfortunately hasn't happened. The place really deserves a cache.



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