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just a vent

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I received a notification today that a cache I'm watching was found (3 of us got together and put out a group of caches so we have each others on a watch list) This particular cache is one of a number of reflectors next to a grassy area. It is not a nano or bison tube.


This was what they wrote: "Tftc! Didn't sign, tired of unrolling micros. Lol. Great hide!"


I could almost accept that if it were a nano but I know the log is folded in a little plastic bag and all you need to do is separate the back to back reflectors.

To add to the annoyance factor, this finder has put out micro hides. Two came out yesterday.


On a different note - the hider of this cache has done a number of reflectors, one is at the start of a green way, on the inside of a guard rail and it takes a few looks to realize a reflector doesn't belong on that side. Fun cache because of the confusion issue - okay, this was the first I saw like it, maybe the next one won't impress me as much :huh:

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I'll point out that the threads that are "just vents" seem to turn into the big angstfests. That's cool though.


I understand the frustration. We've got a cacher here who likes to log all their own hides to get them off their list. Meh.


Not your cache, not much you can do. Water and ducks man, water and ducks.....

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