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Seeking someone to talk about geocaching in NYC


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Hi all,


I'm trying to locate someone in the NYC area who might want to speak at an event we run called Hobby. It's a monthly event where we invite 4 speakers to talk about their hobbies for 5 minutes each, and answer some questions from a group of very interested semi-strangers.


We've got an event coming up very soon, (Tuesday, November 16th, from 7pm-8pm), and we'd be thrilled if someone in the NYC area wanted to share with us?


Here's our HOBBY page: http://www.getHarvest.com/hobby

and here's out HOBBY channel, with video of previous lectures:



What do you think? Anyone game? Feel free to contact me directly at karen [at] getHarvest [dot] com - We'd love to have one of you geo-caching mavens share with us about what you do!


Best Wishes,



Community Manager, Harvest

Harvest / 212.226.4160 / 187 Lafayette St, 6th Fl, New York City



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Which one of you "Mavens" is gonna step up to the plate.


If I were to make a suggest, which Lord knows I am loathe to do, I would suggest:


Looking up members; addisonbr, hallycat, buttaskotch, macatac, pelagori, Harry Dolphin, weathernowcast, Briansnat and asking anyone of them if they would be willing. I would also try Slukster,or El Toro who work in New York, rather than broadcasting an invite, because you might wind up getting someone who is only interested in what is on the menu that night. BTW, what is on the menu that night ?

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