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You know you are a Goecacher....................

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When you walk past a lamp post and say "I bet there is a cache under there" and be correct!


Happened to me once. Me and a friend were walking through a Mall parking lot, but didn't have time for any caching when I said that. A few days later I loaded up some caches in that area and noticed one placed roughly where I had said that. When I got to that location, turns out I was right! haha


Lamp post caches aren't the funnest ones, and are usually only good for a quick sign and run, but that one had got to be my favorite LPC just cause of how I found it :P

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... When you navigate by geocaches.

I know how to get to a friends house because I turn left at the electrical box cache, then left again at the cache under a rock.


If I don't know where I am, I find a cache I've found and then imagine where it is on the map in my head, and then I can navigate my way around again.


I went to a party recently and matched up the directions on mapquest to the geocaching map so I knew where to turn. Turn left at the cache at Starbucks (that I found a while ago). This cache was about an hour from my house.


It's a good thing I've cached in a wide area.

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