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Travel Bug LOST in Louisiana....(searching for cacher: Goza)

White Rabbit
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Well....Alice the Travel Bunny



had been going on a grand adventure throughout the states. Her goal was to take pictures of the mighty waterways and oceans of America. Her main goal was to get to the Florida Keys and the East Coast. Recently, a cacher by the name of Goza has removed the travel bug tags from Alices neck and left her in a cache (supposedly). I've tried contacting Goza to figure out why he'd take the travel bug tag off of the travel bug....but he won't respond. Alice had a lot of pictures that I really wanted to see on her camera and now she's missing. I don't know what to do. Alice is 'supposedly' in this geocache:

"Morgan's Treasure" by Don Quixote http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=26980


If someone can find her....it'd be very, very appreciated!! Please help my find my travel bunny!! I'd hate to lose her and her pictures!! She's had such a good trip so far. Unfortunately, I'm worried that Goza just took the rabbit for himself, I can't figure out why else they'd go to the trouble of removing the actual travel bug dog tag from around her neck. If you know this cacher, please ask him for me, I'd really like to know where the rabbit is.


p.s. Goza....if you're reading this and it's not too late....please don't send the rabbit BACK to Chicago...her goal is Florida and she was really close. She just came from the Chicago area.


Thank You


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