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I have a lot of things in my mind... but for today I will say....


How about a photo (laminated maybe?) of a UFO in the sky, as evidence that alliens exist? The non believers may start thinking about it ... again! :D


there are many in the net... if you find a nice, clear one that is not fixed or fake... it will be so great!!! After that... the believers will grow in numbers.. and the government will have to speak about alliens and Area 51! :(


We are not alone.... that's for sure! Millions are spent in searches about it... if we were alone... why is that? They know something... but they do not tell!


???? oups... did Mr Gray enter in my mind?? :unsure:


edit to say.... things are not only black and white... some things are grey... and mystery is around them... so... :o

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Oh boy.... They are coming!!! alliens are coming!!!


Τhis is what I just read in the net!


A ball of fire appeared in the sky of prefecture Larissa on Firday night!

Many were upset because of this!


the fire ball that some say that it is believed to be a meteorite, seemed to aproach Earth with speed and getting bigger while it was coming closer, and it looked like it was coming from the side where the sea is and it was going to Kissabos somewhere between Melivia and Karitsa! This strange light was visible on the coast from Chalkida until North Greece!!!


Many saw this and some had different oppinions about the way this light took, where it was going or where it probably fell!


Some even say that it was probably an SOS flare! This was the reason the Coast Guard to start searching in the sea in the north of the area, for a ship that needed help but they didn't find anything!

Till now, there is not a logical explanatios for what this strange fire ball was!


I am wondering... did alliens heard about the economical crisis in greece and that we are trying to avoid to bankrupt as a country... and they have come to help us?? :D


If yes, they are very welcome! They can not go worse than the useless "alliens" we have now in the government!! I am calling them "alliens" because with what they do... :unsure:

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.... how about a licence to Land and do caching, in Area 51??? :P


It will be like a USA drivers licence, with the photo of Mr Gray on it, ocupation... UFO pilot... or something... And a signature as... Mr Gray Al lien??? :mad:


Insteads of City or state... (I do not know what it is on your licence), you can put a name of a galaxy! :laughing:


It will be lminated with hard plastic, and will look authentic!

Maybe we can see some security elemnts on it too... like tiny UFO's.... A watermark with ET.... :angry:

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