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Mr. Gray Project


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Every night I have watched the stars and the lights in the sky. They hover over our place and then take dash off quickly. I know the neighborhood skunk must have been scaring them off and that is why they would dash off so quickly. Recently, the skunk met his demise and finally the lights touched down! Yes!!! Off I went to investigate and low and behold...there it was....a beautiful precious mystery coin because I refused to give up and continued to believe!!! I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE!!! Thank you Mr. Gray!!!



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Subtitle changed. Aliens invaded my brain and made me do it.



I think they're gone now.




Eartha - Better your brain invaded than probing done elsewhere! :laughing:


I very much still believe as I have seen :)

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Those alien clouds, tornados and storms this past week remind me of War of the Worlds. I was waiting for the aliens to come out of the ground. They must have come during the night and be in hiding during the day. Trees down, roofs off and cars thrown around like Tonka toys. Hope they aren't still mad. I DEFINITELY BELIEVE!!!!!!

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Ooooh, exciting!


Whenever I use the metro here in Oslo, I can't help but wonder if Mr. Gray has placed his colleagues here to monitor us and what else...:




Scary, huh? I wish you could see them for real on a dark morning - those eyes (I mean, lights) glow strong red! My phone camera image doesn't do them justice at all.


This new train model was put into use March 2010, we can only wonder what sort of experiments we've been part of since then.

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Wow, it seems that Mr. Gray is been pretty busy, Phase V and IV done. Keeping us all in suspense, no worries....we believe whatever mystery he is working on is going to be great.. Lots of patience these days.....We wait very patiently.

Have a Great weekend everyone. Keep on Caching!

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Phase IV complete.


That was quick! :D


I'll always believe!


Phase IV complete.


That was quick! :D


I'll always believe!


Hmmmm.... was that a glitch in the matrix or is it the aliens.... <_<

Why question our grey overlords?


Oh... No, No, NO... wasn't questioning... never questioning... forgive my digression... I exist only to serve our masters...

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