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visiting UAE in a few weeks time

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My family and I will visit the UAE beginning of next year and of course there's supposed to be some caching too. We'll stay in Dubai and will have a rental car to explore the area as much as possible. Is there anything special to take into account caching here? How is "acting suspicious" (as wandering through bushes is) looked upon by the locals? Areas to avoid (I think near police/military buildings it's best not to start poking around). :D


Thanks in advance.

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A good place to start is:


Saudigeocachers.com - a nice set of resources for local caching (Saudi is a little more conservative culturally - but a lot of similar aspects are common).


another useful resource is the 2 recent Podcacher Podcast episodes on Caching in the Arabian Gulf (episode 283 & 284 I think) - www.podcacher.com


further than that - the caches that are placed - you can find the relevant info on the cache page - no real worries about caching. More to be worried about taking enough water as it can be hot for a European. Not too bad in the early part of the year.


You are welxcome to email me for some additional help.


Do plan a trip into the desert for some desert caches - and also a trip to Al Ain (good caches there and a nice place to visit) - Plus the Capital city Abu Dhabi - some good caches there.

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