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Blackberry or android

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Thanks for the info here.

I find myself being told my company wants us to upgrade to a phone that will interface with our email (Outlook through Good.) I can use iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, but I want to stay with Verizon. The good news is the company will pay for all.

Most people have Blackberrys, but I am leaning to Droids. Which models are recommended, primary use is email, with geocaching second.

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I am up for a new phone and was thinking about a smart phone. I am with Cellcom in Wisconsin and my choices are limited to what phone I get. It would be for on the go caching when I do not have my Delormes with me. I just would like to know the pros and cons on them.


I have a HTC Desire with the (I think) c:geo app installed and it works great, so good I rarely use my Garmin 60 CSX.

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I've had my Droid X for a while now but only used it on a dozen or so traditional caches. It worked very well doing traditional caches using the official GS app. Still wating for an update to make it multicache friendly. I did one Wherigo with it and it performed very well using the Whereyougo app. You just can't upload the completed cartrige to the Wherigo site. whereyougo creates an .ows file that Wherigo.com doesn't recognize. Other than those issues its works great.


Its a great device and you can make phone calls too. :sad:

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Im 100% in line witht he others in this thread. I started caching on the G1 (first Android phone to hit the market), and have found 90% of our caches with it. Usually my kids are the ones using the Garmin Legend HCx. The phone gets me there almost all of the time, save very dense brush conditions.

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