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Oops...Lost the code.


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Hey gang. I made an oops and am looking for advice. I Grabbed Rocky from the Heyburn Overlook Pit Stop in Oklahoma while I was out there on business. Upon my return to Atlanta, I dropped him off at the Hartsfield Airport TB exchange. Now, I can't find the code off of his tag. I emailed the owner, but have got no response. What should I do at this point? I can't move him.


God, I hate doing stupid things.





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Have you tried explaining your predicament to previous holders of this bug? (check the logs and click on thier profile)

I, for one, have a list of all the bugs I've had and their respective numbers .... just because I'm silly like that.


-- I've found 58% of the caches in the country! How are your numbers? ;-)

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