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unique cache names

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I almost always use the title as a hint, sublte joke or something you won't understand until you get to the cache site or find the cache itself.

For example GC2BTXX, is called "36 Lives" its a traditional/night cache(reflectors on the eyes) that someone painted 4 water drainage pipe covers to look like cats. There is a picture in the gallery of it.

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A great one in my neck of the woods was called, "Where No Man Has Gone Before". Cache page, of course, had a Star Trek theme.


The cache, which was deep in the woods, was a toilet seat mounted on a hollow log. You lifted the lid and the cache was a sheet of cotton rolled onto a toilet paper holder!

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We just did one today called 'The Devil Made me Do It'. once you get about 7ft away from GZ there's like a 30 foot drop, so you have to go find a way down. When you get down you then have to climb up about 3 meters (straight up) into a little spider-bat infested cavern. It was definately interesting, and made for a fun story! [:antenna:]

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