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Great Ozzie caches?


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I am visiting Australia on holiday next month, and am looking for suggestions on what you think are must do caches.

I will be mainly in Sydney and Melbourne, with trips to blue mountains and great ocean drive.

I like caches with great views, perhaps a bit of a hike or some more adventorous ones.

Or otherwise very ingenious ones, cool containers etc.

Any advice?

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Hi Discombob,


You may like to check out the GCA forums this is where most Ozzies hang out. There you can post in the two State sections NSW and Vic. This does mean you will need to open an account as they are operated via a different group and not GC.


You many like to let know also dates of where you are likley to be and to you will have your own trainsport.


Jon aka JABs.

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Hi again Discombob,

I see you have posted on GCA, if nil answer would happy to meet with you up in the Blue Mountains. And help show you some of the sights and caches.





Happy to meet up with you if the timing is right. I work in the city of Sydney and have occasionally met with visiting tours to give a tour of city caches. I'm away the first two weeks of November.







Hi JAB, Spindoctors, Discombob,


I just arrived Sydney and will stay till end of January. It would be great, if I can join you too for some caching. As well the caches in Sydney and especially the caches at the Blue Mountains I would love to see!


I even am planning to do a caching trip to Blue Mountains in January for 2-3 days if I find some people who would like to join.





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