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Ev'r 'appen t' ye??

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Avast ye mateys...'ere's a wierd sorta thing that 'appen'd this weekend...


Th Crew an me be out doin' a l'il 8 cache Sa'urday an' Picks up a l'il Travel Bugger...Figaro what's been dropped in a local cache by a visitor from a few 'undred miles up stream from 'ere...

Figaro's Site


We gits 'ome, dutifully logs 'im an a short whiles later gits an hemail from Figgie's owner...Seem's he's b'en ou' tday too, an picks up a travel bugger 'isself, strange thing is, it's one I released almost a year ago, 'as been through 9 different cachers 'ands an' were sittin' in ACME, WA.

Rusty's Page


I've got 'is bugger, he's got myne! Same Day, 300 miles apart...Go Figg'r!


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

<Insert Black Eye Emoticon Here>Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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Originally posted by Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats:

I've got 'is bugger, he's got myne! Same Day, 300 miles apart...Go Figg'r!


A little contrived perhaps, but I've had the same thing happen to me.


I'm an Internet friend of Chaosmanor and I noticed that one of my bugs was near where he was. He and his wife went out and got it and have been having a terrific time with it. I think they finally dropped it off in Northern California this past week.


At about the same time, his bug was dropped off in my cache. I couldn't resist going out to it and picking it up. Took it to a few places and dropped it off yesterday to continue its journey.


IMO, yours is cooler because you didn't help each other find each other's bugs.


Webfoot frog.gif


Tromping through the underbrush looking for Ammo cans, Tupperware containers, & little round disks.

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